Marianna Padilla
Personal Trainer, Instructor, Presenter

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Cooking Class & Wine Tasting Event

       Want to host a  unique
        dinner party, letting 
        someone else do all the

         Want to sample and learn
        about new wines ?

         Want to treat your friend to
         a wonderful evening 
         enjoying each other's

Cooking Class & Wine Tasting Event

This class offering will be a special event with hands-on instruction for a gourmet vegetarian meal for six (6) people. Participants will actively prepare all the dishes together. The meal will be served with wine selections coordinated to accompany each course of the menu with background information on each wine. The menu itself will reflect seasonally available foods at the time that it will be hosted. You will be consulted concerning the menu so that any food preferences or restrictions can be considered.
                        $468.00 (date to be arranged)
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