Marianna Padilla
Personal Trainer, Instructor, Presenter

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Kitchen Equipment
    Cooking is easier and more fun with quality      
    tools and equipment.  Listed here are some of
    my favorites and when available, locations to
    order or purchase the items.

     Knives.  Good knives are essential.  Using
     fresh produce requires significant amounts of
     cutting.  Try to find light, stainless steel
     vegetable knives.  I also recommend a knife
     magnet for storage, available at

     Zester/grater.  Shown is a great one by 
     Microplane available at
Cutlery and More.   
     Check  out their other products as well.

Pressure Cooker.  Using a pressure cooker greatly reduces the time required to cook beans.  Fagor pressure cookers are available at Kitchen Window (Lake & Hennepin)
or at FagorAmerica.  I have an older Rapida model and the only thing I have had to replace is the rubber gasket, available online through Fagor.   Kitchen window also carries WMS and Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers.

Blender.  A good one.  There are many.

Ceramic grater.  This one is made in Italy and makes a paste of garlic that is spreadable.  Wonderful.  I also purchased a small picture stand to set it upon for storage, and it looks good as well.  Comes with a garlic peeler (fab!) and a small brush, available through  Get the garlic peeler if nothing else.  I'm tempted to throw away my garlic press.  Check with Kitchen Window; they are looking into supplying them.

     Compost pail. 
     Of course, you need to compost or have a neighbor  
     who does, to make use of this (I have a few neighbors who contribute
     to my compost).  This is the best one I have ever used.  Stainless steel
     with charcoal filters that need to be replaced about once every 6
     months, easily cleaned. 
This  pail is available  locally at all of the Twin 
     Cities Natural Foods Co-ops, and at Kitchen Window (they also have the
     ceramic ones).