Marianna Padilla
Personal Trainer, Instructor, Presenter

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Good Food, Good Health, Good Company...a healthy living course

       An 8-week course to help make
     healthier eating & lifestyle choices

              Want to lose weight?
             Want to eat less sugar?
            Want to get off caffeine?
            Want to cook healthier?
              Want to eat less meat?
         Want to eat more vegetables?
         What are your health goals?


 In this class you will learn how to:                          

  • Think about food differently
  • Stock a whole foods pantry
  • Plan healthy meals 
  • Set up an ecological kitchen
  • Equip your kitchen
  • Shop for local, organic  and seasonal foods
  • Cook, with adaptations for one or two
  • Develop healthy strategies with support
  • Include exercise to be healthy
  • Lose weight and maintain a healthy weight

        Tuesdays     7:00-9:30 pm    April 26th -June 14th 2016
                   REGISTER HERE      $199