Marianna Padilla
Personal Trainer, Instructor, Presenter

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Cooking Testimonials

     "These are low key informal classes.  We go
      over recipes and prepare the food together   
      in Marianna's kitchen or outdoors on her 
      gas grill, under her instructions, supervision
      and example. There's lots of time to chat and
      get to know each other.  We sit down for a 
      pleasant leisurely evening meal either in the
      dining room, around the living room 
      fireplace, or out on the deck under the stars,
      where we learn even more about the food
      we have prepared.  Marianna is a superb
      cook and exemplary friend to the earth, as
      a recycler, organic gardener, personal trainer
      and teacher of fitness classes.  The classes
      are fun and informative of a whole different
      life style most people haven't experienced or
      been exposed to.  I've never met anyone
      like Marianna.  I've gone to her cooking
      classes off  and on for the past ten years. 
      I've saved all of her recipes and used
      many.  Her entire yard is an exquisite kitchen
      garden, fun to visit in any season, a learning
                                                                  experience in itself." 
                                                                                    Susan Tracy

"Marianna's classes put me at ease in the  kitchen.  I never thought I'd love tofu and I'm
amazed at how many things can be done without a blender.  Each class is a special            evening of good food and good conversation.  And I'd do it again!"  
        Les Philips