Marianna Padilla
Personal Trainer, Instructor, Presenter

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An Ecological Kitchen 

       Developing an ecological awareness in the
        kitchen begins with changing many small
        habits.  Here are a few ways to create a more
        conscious and resourceful kitchen.  
        Reduce, reuse, recycle.

             Compost (no meat or bones)            
             Use vegetable stems, leaves, etc, for soup 
             stock, or steamed, and then pureed for   
             creamed soups. 

             Fill a pitcher of water and keep it chilled in 
             the refrigerator.
             Wash dishes by hand.  Do not let water run 
             while rinsing, rather, partially fill second sink
             and rinse dishes in batches.
             Use pasta cooking water for soup stock or if
             very starchy, to thicken salad dressings.
             Put soaking water in compost or outdoors.
             Save vegetable steaming water for soup
             stock or for cooking beans or grains.

                                                                                          Don't buy them.  If necessary then recycle. The
        city of Minneapolis now accepts all plastic containers #1-#7.  Plastics are know to be hormon
        disruptors and carcinogenic.  Store food in glass or stainless steel containers.  Do not use
        plastic water bottles.  Do not heat food in the microwave in plastic containers, even if they say
        microwave safe.  Plastic also does not disintegrate.  Use reusable cloth bags for shopping.  Use
        nylon bags (byob) for storing your produce.  See      Focus on
        purchasing kitchen utensils made of natural products. 

         Recycle or compost
         Use cloth towels and napkins
         Buy bulk products; much of the price is for packaging.  Fresher food, less waste.  

  Cleaning products
         Purchase environmentally safe cleaning products or make your own.  See
         Choosing products made of natural materials helps reduce waste.  Consider using hand tools
         instead of electrical ones for simple tasks. For some suggestions see Kitchen Equipment